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Flags are one of our most popular display options.  A choice of bases make them a very versatile display since they are able to be placed or mounted almost anywhere. They are also easy to transport and set up.  Flags are ideal for retail, real estate, events, trade shows and more!

We have a range of flag sizes and models available. The poles are durable fibre-glass and each unit comes in a carry bag.

See below for our full range.

Part of our REUSE programme.  Look for this logo to purchase products that can be totally or partly reused to avoid unnecessary waste.

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Product Variations

Flags_Teardrop Outdoor_Flags Flags_Banner

Tear Drop Flag – Model A

Templates – Small, Med, Large

Windblade – B, C, D & E

Flag B – Small, Med, Large
Flag C – Small, Med, Large
Flag D – Small, Med, Large
Flag E – Small, Med, Large

Flag Banners


Economy Stock Flags