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Creative Toners

White Toner / Ink
Ideal when printing on coloured or transparent paper stock such as kraft, microthin plywood, black, clear labels and more. We have white ink also available for poster printing.

Clear Toner / Ink
Simply applying a spot or flood of clear toner over your image or page can have a dramatic effect on your design.

Neon Yellow Toner
Our Neon Yellow Toner can make your design stand out from the rest and really shines under a back light.

Neon Pink Toner
Our Neon Pink Toner really makes an image pop! Let your imagination run wild with design ideas for this.

Gold Toner
Gold Dry Toner incorporates flecks of metal for outstanding sparkle with a true metallic appearance. Ideal for invitations, wedding stationery, luxury packaging and more.

Silver Toner
Like the Gold Dry Toner, our Silver Dry Toner gives a true metallic appearance while being more economical than offline foil stamping.

Red Invisible Toner
This toner is only visible under a back light. Use as a security feature for important documents.

Need a design? We can help. Ask to speak with our in-house designer to create an eye catching design.


Print Options

Sizes: Our white and clear ink is available right up to 1.5m wide.  All other toners can be used on our standard printers with a maximum size of 330mm x 660mm.

Paper: We have a wide range of paper stocks to suit your requirements including our standard premium white paper, recycled, kraft, microthin plywood, coloured paper, metallic paper, textured stock and more. We can print on card right up to 420gsm thick.

Print: Single or double sided. Even a solid colour, pattern or picture on the reverse can look very effective. Spot colour available (ideal for textured finishes)

Finishing: We have a wide rage of finishing options.


Tips & Templates

View or Download our tip sheets below.

Clear Toner

White Toner

Neon Yellow

Neon Pink

Clear or White Ink (wide format)