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Personalised Print

Research has shown that people are more likely to read and act on the promotional material when it is personalised. In today’s highly congested advertising space, a Variable Data direct mail campaign allows you to exert leverage on your existing customer databases and speak directly to individual members of your target audience with messages, graphics and special offers that are relevant to that individual.

Until recently the prospect of designing and producing a customised message for each recipient was both time consuming and expensive, but using advanced Variable Data applications, CQ can work with you to create an effective advertising campaign that will allow you to deliver focused material to your customers. Best of all, Variable Data delivers impressive results.


Print Options

Business Correspondence 
Business correspondence incorporates name, address and simple product information to produce a unique piece for each recipient.

Simple one-to-one Marketing 
Using variable graphical elements and variable text combined with a simple set of rules allows you to produce a composition that is unique to each recipient.

Complex Marketing Campaigns 
A complex campaign might incorporate completely unique text, images, and graphics for each recipient based on rules that make decisions on the demographics, purchasing history, or other productive methods to enhance the relevance to the recipient. Why not contact us to arrange to talk to one of our VDP experts who can come to you and discuss your requirements.