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When your job needs protection, you need lamination. Lamination adds a protective layer of plastic to one or both sides of your work.

At CQ we can perform both hot and cold lamination using various types of laminate.

See below to see which type of lamination is right for your job.


Print Options

Gloss Laminate

Add a gloss finish to posters and prints. Gloss laminate is available in weights from 76 to 250 microns (basically from a light flexible laminate all the way through to a heavy rigid laminate). You can also write on gloss laminate with a white board marker for use in presentations.

Matt Laminate

Matt laminate provides an even flatter, almost powdery finish to your work. A popular choice when having art works laminated.

BOPP Gloss or Matt Laminate

A general purpose heat activated laminate with biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). Can be done single or double sided. Perfect for use on business cards, book covers, presentation folders etc where the laminate is trimmed flush to the edge of the print rather than having a sealed edge.

Cold Laminate

Standard laminate is applied using hot rollers. If your original is printed onto a plastic material or could be damaged by the hot process, then the alternative is cold laminating – this is done with a self adhesive laminate that only requires pressure to bond it to the surface.

Textured Laminate

There are a number of textured laminates available to add an interesting surface texture to your job. Linen, Canvas, or Leather, the choice is yours.