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X Banners

These units use a frame in the shape of an “X”, held together at a hub in the middle (back) of the display. The “X” design gives you a tension rod at each corner of the display. The graphic has a grommet (reinforced hole) in each corner which fits over the tension rod. This type of display has several advantages. Firstly, the graphic itself is completely separate from the display hardware, so you can easily change graphics. Secondly, you can use a wide variety of medias for your graphic because it will be stretched taut from the corners by the tension bars. Media must be compatible with grommets. Finally, you can vary the size of your display by simply changing the shape of the “X”.

The Outdoor X Banner comes with a water tank to provide stability in outdoor conditions. Graphic can be attached with either grommet holes or supplied with top and bottom bars (pictured). Comes in a sturdy fabric carry case.

Part of our REUSE programme.  Look for this logo to purchase products that can be totally or partly reused to avoid unnecessary waste.


Product Variations

X Banner Small or Large

Small:  W: 500 – 600mm x H: 1550 – 1600mm Large:  W: 800 – 1200mm x H: 1800 – 2000mm View Graphic Template

X Banner Outdoor

Bars: W: 600mm x H: 1480mm Grommets: W: 450mm x H: 1580mm

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