CQ can mount your prints onto a number of substrates. These can then be hung directly on the wall.


When your prints need to be rigid, then cardboard is your cheapest option. It is available in a number of different thicknesses depending on your requirements.


A lightweight popular choice for outdoor real estate signage. The coreflute board is actually made of corrugated plastic and the print is mounted to the surface or if desired can be printed direct to core flute. Available in white.

UltraMount (White or Black)

Lightweight and heavy-duty foam board. The face laminates have been specially developed to provide a good surface for mounting. Ideal for interior signage, photo mounting, exhibits, and point of purchase displays.


Palight foamed PVC is an excellent option for indoor or outdoor use if you need rigidity and strength. This mounting sheet is very durable. Available in 3mm white for standard paper sizes.

ACM Basic

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) has a Polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 thin aluminum panels. The result is a light weight sheet with excellent flatness and flexural stiffness, which is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

Xanita Board

X-Board is a high strength-to-weight ratio composite board.

Mounting Accessories

We have a number of accessories to go with your mounted poster...


Suitable for use with coreflute or ultramount foamboard.  Simple but effective.  These hooks push into the edge of the mounting substrate for hanging your poster.



We have eyelets in 2 sizes suitable for use with banner media.



These are great alternative to eyelets when you don't want to damage the poster.  Suitable for use with banner media.




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