Add that finishing touch to your Digital Printing with a quality binding. At CQ you are spoilt for choice with some of the largest ranges of binding options (both in styles and colours) on offer in Christchurch. From the economic corner staple all the way through to perfect binding with a wrap around cover you will have no problem finding the binding to suit.

Comb Binding

Probably the most familiar type of binding. The plastic comb bind involves punching 20 rectangle holes along the side of the page and a plastic comb being attached to hold the pages together. This bind is available in numerous sizes depending on the number of pages and also a number of colours to suit. Usually combined with a clear or frosted cover and card back.

Wire Binding

When you need a bind that is more up-market, or a bind that stands apart from the plastic binds then a wire bind is the way to go. Not only standard colours available, but prepare to be wowed when you see a metallic coloured wire bind on your next job.

Coil Binding

Coil binding provides a professional finish to your presentation. This bind is available in three sizes depending on the number of pages and in either black or white. Usually combined with a clear or frosted cover and card back.

Fastback Strip Binding

This bind uses a glue backed strip as the spine. Your pages and the strip are loaded into the fastback binding machine and the glue on the strip is melted and then attached to the pages to give a professional and hard-wearing spine.

Booklet Fold and Staple

When is your A4 page not an A4 page? When it is imposed and printed on an A3 page and then folded and stapled to form an A4 booklet. This binding option is available for both A4 pages and A5 pages. Booklets can have different cover options or coloured inserts.

Perfect Binding

The name says it all - the perfect bind for your book. Like the fastback bind, this bind uses hot glue on the spine to hold the pages together, but goes a step further by attaching a wrap around cover to the spine, creating exactly the same finish as a paperback book.

Square Binding

A square bound book is first made into a booklet with 2 staples down the side and then put through a machine which gives it a professional square edge. This method also saves space when the books are stacked over the traditional booklet method.

Canadian Binding

Canadian binding uses a wire bind to hold the book together but has a wrap around cover that hides the wire from the front and spine. A very professional and up-market binding option.

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Wire Binding with Calendar Hook

For a flip chart style hanging calendar you need a wire bind with a metal hook. Looks so professional and is very durable.


Padding is available in any size up to A3 and you can choose how many sheets you want in each pad. Pads come with a backing board and are glued at the top or side. Perfect for notepads, job sheet pads, compliments slips and more.

Corner Staple

A classic finish. A single staple in the top left corner of your job. No frills but gets the job done.

Double Staple

Twice as nice as the corner staple, the double staple is two staples along the edge of the paper forming a simple book.

Hole Punched

Your choice of holes punched along the edge of the paper. The standard hole punch is two or three holes, but this can be combined to five holes if you are not sure of your binder. Four holes are also available.

Staple and Tape

Taking a double staple a step further with tape being applied to the spine to simulate a fastback style binding.


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