Specialty Stocks


At CQ we have a wide range of specialty paper and other stock for those jobs that require something extra.

Plastic Paper

Plastic paper stock is a great alternative to laminating. Perfect where you need a waterproof media such as for outdoor posters or menus. This is also now a very affordable option.


Perfect for ID cards, entry tickets, loyalty cards, and much more.


What could be better than sending your customers a letter or flyer with an easy to detach magnet at the bottom to create a lasting impression.

Carbonless Paper

Perfect for printing your receipt books, order books and job sheets. We can print your work on duplicate or triplicate carbonless paper and if you wish numbered and padded.

Windows Compatible Labels

We stock a wide range of windows compatible labels for your convenience.
You can set this up yourself or we can do this for you. See more on our label stock.

Split Back Labels

When you want labels or stickers of a specific size, we can print these on a SRA3 sheet and trim to size. Don't worry they'll still be easy to peel off due to the split backing.

Water Resistant Labels

For jobs that require extra resistance against weather or wear and tear we have special labels for this. Available in white matt, white gloss or clear gloss up to A3 size.

Magnetic Stock

A perfect form of advertising for any business. Why not give your customers a customised magnet to take home for their fridge. We can print your design and then apply this to a magnetic sheet before cutting to size.


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