Windows Compatable Labels

We stock a wide range of windows compatable labels for your convenience. You can set this up yourself or we can do this for you.
We Stock:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

1 Up - L7167  2 Up - L7168 4 Up - L7169
6 Up - L7166 8 Up - L7165 10 Up - L7173
12 Up - L7164 18 Up - L7161  21 Up - L7160
24 Up - L7159 30 Up - L0030 33 Up - L0033
45 Up - L7156 65 Up - L0651  


Click here for sizes and templates

CD/DVD Labels

Full colour quality CD labels to give a professional finish to your CD or DVD duplication.

Click here to see our helpful hints for setting up your CD/DVD label graphics

Split Back Labels

When you want labels or stickers of a specific size, we can print these on a SRA3 sheet and trim to size. Don't worry they'll still be easy to peel off due to the split backing.

Water Resistant Labels

For jobs that require extra resistance against weather or wear and tear we have special labels for this. Available in white matt, white gloss or clear gloss.

Non Tearable Labels

Our premium label stock which is both waterproof and non tearable.  Perfect when you need labels that will stand up against rough treatment.



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