Desk Top Displays


Acrylic Card Holder

Made from fabricated acrylic, the very simple and elegant design is ideal for displaying product or pricing information at point-of-sale - in fact many people consider them an essential part of their merchandising kit. The low cost of the card holders makes them practical for a broad and frequent application - they are so affordable you can use to display information with every product in your store.

Available in A4

Desk Windo

The Desk Windo raises the Floor Windo idea to the surface of counters and desks. Specially designed for point-of-sale situations, the ultra-slim frame lies snug on the counter surface to clearly display visuals that can be renewed within seconds. The Desk Windo can be used in a variety of situations including post offices and sales kiosks to display price lists, specials or a simple welcome with your logo.

Available in A4 & A3

Floor Windo

The Floor Windo increases brand awareness and drives sales by capturing the customer's attention right at the point-of-purchase. This unique ultra-slim poster display is placed flat on the floor without compromising the surface area. With the emotional impact of your poster in a Floor Windo, you make the important connection between your advertising campaign and your product or service.

Available in A1

Desk Top Mini

Desk top version of a RollUp display available in A4 and A3 graphic sizes. This table top mini display system is great for highlighting products, special offers and great as a promotional giveaway. Click the link below for design templates.

Available in A4 & A3

View Templates

Counter Easels

Counter Easels are an eye-catching display product, perfect for reception areas, counters and tradeshows. 

A sturdy counter display best mounted with one of our foam backing boards.  Choose from a variety of finishes to create a sleek, professional look.

Available in A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1.

Diecut Counter Easel

This diecut option is suitable for lighter mounting options.

Available in A4.


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