CD's and DVD's


CD/DVD Services:

* Print directly to CD/DVD including full face
* Print on CD/DVD Labels
* Supply a wide range of CD/DVD packaging & storage solutions
* Print and insert CD/DVD case inserts
* Write information to CD/DVD
* Supply a wide range of blank CD's and DVD's

Clear up all your clutter on your portable hard drive, backup the information on your USB Pen Drive or move all your photos from your camera memory card - all to CD or DVD

CQ can write all your precious information to CD or DVD. This information could be the job that you have just emailed through or you may be travelling and your camera memory card is full. Come in and our professional staff can back it all up for you.

Or maybe you need 100 copies of a multimedia presentation you have developed. CQ can do that, along with printing on the front of the CD and jewel case inserts.

Compact Disk

Almost every modern computer has a CD drive. These disks are capable of holding up to 700Mb. We use inkjet printable surface CD's which mean that for a small additional cost we can print on the surface of the CD. This could be anything from a product label to an index print of all your photos.

Pressed Compact Disk

If you are having thousands of CDs made, then you don't want to be copying these to CDR media. Give us your CDR master, we can arrange for a glass master to be produced and then the CDs pressed from that. This mass production option includes data verification and silk screened labels. Contact us for more information.

Single Layer DVD

When you can't quite fit all your information on a CD (or you are using a 1Gb+ memory card in your digital camera) then have it written to a DVD. With 4.7Gb of information storage space and almost every computer these days having a DVD reader, you should have no problem accessing the data written on the disk.

Dual Layer DVD

If you have LOTS of data, then you need a dual layer DVD. These disks can hold a massive 8.5Gb of data (that's 2 single layer DVDs or over 12 CDs) and are also printable with whatever label you require)

If you are designing your own labels for either CD or DVD then you can find all the information for creating your design in the Helpful Hints section. You can also view templates for our CD Cases (including the pre die cut cardboard case as shown on the right) and DVD Cases.


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