Business Cards


If you have ever read the Bret Easton Ellis book or seen the movie version of "American Psycho" then you know the importance of a business card. A business card is an ambassador for your company, often going to the places you can only dream of - so why do so many people go for the absolute cheapest possible printing on low grade paper for their cards?

At CQ we value the humble business card. We can produce cards to match prices offered by our competitors, but we can also produce high quality cards with a variety of surface finishes and textures.

Full Colour Laser Printed Cards

Our cards are produced on high quality 350gsm stock, printed on the latest digital equipment. They can be either single or double sided. They are supplied to you in boxes.

Laser Printed Cards with Overlaminate

These are the same as our full colour laser printed cards but include either a single sided laminate or double sided laminate to give either a smooth satin or high gloss finish.

Spot Colour Cards

Spot colour cards can be printed on stock that can't be run through a laser printer, including a quality textured card with a variety of finishes. You too can have a card printed on "Eggshell" stock with "Romalian" type.

Custom Cutting

A standard business card is a rectangular 90x55mm card... but it does not have to be. You can have a custom die produced that can give your card anything from rounded corners all the way through to a custom profiled edge.

Picture Cards

Picture Cards are a great way to liven up your standard business cards. It's something we use here at CQ and our customers love it. We have a wide range of bright, fun images to choose from or you can supply your own. Simply select your images and we'll print them on the back of your business cards.

Don't forget that you can upload your files to us through our web to print software, MYCQ. Also, if you regularly print business cards talk to us about setting up a customised web to print interface where you can easily change details eg: add another staff member, just add the name etc and get an instant pdf screen proof. Get started by logging in or contact us if you need some help.



If you are designing a business card yourself then we have design templates for standard business cards available in the Helpful Hints.


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