Book Printing


We all know the old saying "You can't put a good book down."  It would be doubly hard to do if the book you were reading was written by you. Partnering with CQ's advanced print output you can become your own publishing house.

We can produce your book in a number of formats utilising a number of binding types in whatever quantity you require. It can be affordable to produce anywhere from one copy to thousands of copies. All you need to bring us is your completed layout (or supply our designer the text and images) and we will do the rest.

The possibilities are endless for your book, but we have a few ideas to get you started...

Wedding Book

With a majority of weddings being shot digitally and supplied on CD, why not produce a coffee table book of your special day. You can then print as many as you need for friends and family.

Holiday Travel Book

Combine your travel diary, photos, ticket stubs and mementos into a high quality printed book. Imagine your friends surprise when they pull your "Italy" book off your bookshelf and find pictures of you in it.

Photo Documentaries

Document something you love. It might be your favourite hobby, your holiday destination, your town or city... anything. Then turn it into a book for friends and family. Who knows, it might even be noticed by a major publishing house.

The Great Kiwi Novel

Independently publish your own writing in a high quality paperback or hardback book.

Of course no book would be complete without an ISBN number and barcode and these are a requirement if you are planning on selling your book through a store. You can complete this process yourself or we can arrange it for you.

We have a wide range of binding options to complete your work.


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