Barcoding & QR Codes



CQ can generate and print your barcodes whether it's a static barcode or variable barcodes.

Barcodes are excellent for: 

• discount vouchers 
• loyalty cards 
• ID/Security cards 
• on documents to aid filing 
• publishing books 
• and much more!

Using barcodes you can monitor the results of your marketing campaign or mail out. By doing this you can ensure you're making the best use of your marketing dollars.

There are many different barcode formats - EAN barcodes, UPC codes, ISBN codes, SCC and SSCC shipping container barcodes and many more. Our barcodes specialist can advise you on the best format for your job.

In some cases, for example creating a barcode for a product to be sold in shops, you will need to purchase a barcode number.

We specialise in EAN13 barcodes. This barcode starts with 0 followed by an 11 digit number and finally a verification code.


QR Codes

Since we first did an article on QR Codes in our June 09 enews they've exploded and are now everywhere.

Take a photo of a QR code with your mobile phone and it will automatically be converted to key information such as contact details, event information or a web link. We've used them on some of our promotional materials.


Phone us on (03) 963 8899 to talk to our staff about how barcodes or QR codes can help your business.

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