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Volume Post is an ideal way to save on your mailing costs if you're sending 300 items or more. However there are certain criteria that need to be met to achieve this saving. Here is a quick checklist for bulk mailing

For the latest and full information please visit the NZ Post Website

* Your mail must meet Envelope Layout Standards                           
* Your mail must meet Address Layout Standards                           
* You must have a valid Statement of Accuracy (SOA) for your database                          
* You must have an approved Permit Post Indicia and an account with NZ Post                           
* 100% of your lodgement must include NZ Post Postcodes                           
* Your lodgement must be presented correctly eg trayed, faced, postcode order etc                           
* Your lodgement must be correctly labelled with a Statement of Posting                           
* You must meet the minimum volume requirements (1000 pieces for Volume Post 1 or 300 pieces for Volume Post 3)                          
* Lodgement must be made within the correct time frames


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