Envelope Printing Help


CQ offers a complete envelope printing service and can supply envelopes in a range of colours including metallic.

Here are some tips if you are printing onto envelopes:

  • Envelope minimum size for printing onto is 146mm x 98mm
  • Image quality will be affected in front of seams so avoid high coverage in these areas.
  • Envelopes may skew slightly so avoid a border too close to the edge of the envelope or too close to the window.
  • If you are bulk mailing you will need to make sure your design complies with the NZ Post restrictions
  • If supplying your own envelopes then side seam envelopes are better than diagonal seams and strip seal envelopes are best.


Croxley DLE Window Envelope Template - Indesign

Cumberland DLE Window Envelope Template - Indesign

CQ DLE Envelope for website.jpg




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