Scanning Case Studies


There have been many case studies written demonstrating the benefit of scanning paper based documents into an electronic form.

Key advantages of scanning over traditional methods

The costs associated with document handling are not considered carefully enough despite how important the issues are.

Consider the following statistics:

92% of information is kept in manila folders / paper documents               

80% of technical information is on paper and microfilm               

Document management is now the largest cost to most organizations               

Paper files are doubling every 3.5 years               

The average document is copied 19 times               

The average worker has a 34 hour paper backlog Half an office workers' time is spent handling paper or data entry               

50% of all projects are behind schedule


Areas that are a little more difficult to measure but still add significant costs to the organization include:

Retrieval costs               

Loss of documents               


Risk Management               



There is no doubt that taking the time to measure the commercial benefits associated with improving document handling efficiencies will be worthwhile.

Key Benefits of Scanning

Much faster retrieval and therefore reduction of labour costs               

A significant amount of information can be stored on one CD, DVD               

CD/DVDs can be much more easily stored in a small area               

Can be stored in a fire proof safe for protection               

CD/DVDs save the vital information required               

OCR - Optical Character Recognition individual word search capabilities               

Protected CD/DVDs can easily be loaded onto a new computer              

Fast and effective re-establishment of computer files               

Sound risk management approach               

Ability to re-establish the business has been considered and a plan is in place               

Improved financial reports when viewed by interested parties               

Copies of CD/DVDs are cheap               

Data can be stored in more than one location               

Significantly reduced fire risk               

Reduced Document Retrieval Costs (It is hard to calculate the amount of money spent retrieving and storing documents)               

Retrieval time is reduced to seconds               

Reduce delays




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