CQ Data


Why CQ Data?

Saves You Time and Money

The team at CQ Data is committed to increasing business efficiency and reducing the cost associated with paper based documents. We use the latest technology to archive your paper based documents into an electronic format and also provide industry leading software to access and use this information effectively to maximise efficiencies in your business.

Talk to us if the following sounds like you!

  • * Do you have a problem with paper-based documents?
  • * Are you constantly looking through files?
  • * Are your paper documents taking up valuable office space?
  • * Do you have a problem quickly finding documents?
  • * Are your paper documents backed up should disaster strike?
  • * Would your business recover from the loss of all your paper documents?

From talking to our customers and understanding how paper-based documents reside in their organisations, we realised help was required in the form of CQ Data.

  • * We take your paper documents (from invoice size to plan size) and capture them into an electronic format.
  • * We'll turn your file room into a disk (electronic data) - freeing up valuable office space.
  • * We can also supply your business with a personalised 'full search' engine - so forget the hours of looking for files - it now takes just seconds.
  • * Most businesses have a full back-up system around their electronic computer files and nothing in place around their paper documents. We can fix that with our scanning/archiving solutions.
  • * We're here to put a disaster recovery plan around your paper documents. So if disaster strikes - your business will survive.

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